An Alternative to the Royal Wedding

Unlike perhaps 40% of the world, I didn’t watch the Royal Wedding and didn’t even come close.  I can think of a number of reasons why I wouldn’t bother watching it such as:

  • I don’t know any of them
  • I’m unable to celebrate a wedding of my own due to my same sex relationship status
  • I forgot it was on

… but the single biggest reason I didn’t watch it (apart from my last bullet point), was that I was watching and part of something much better.  The Indigo Girls final Australian concert in Melbourne.  Beautiful show.  I couldn’t believe my luck to hear Amy sing an amazing version of Romeo and Juliet.  We were at the Brisbane and Canberra shows and this wasn’t part of the set list.  Gosh I’m so happy it was part of the Melbourne show and that I was there. I bet they were happy I was helping with the singing too :).

I’ve spent some time since the concert trying to replicate any of the Indigo Girls guitar prowess on my Maton but very little luck.  Better stick with IT and close the doors and windows to save the neighbours.

Live your own life!