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Winnipeg to Toronto

>For the grand total of 59 cents I was able to change my flight from Winnipeg-Montreal to Winnipeg-Toronto. Ruud wasn’t too keen to stay in Winnipeg and as he flew home to the Netherlands via Toronto we decided to go and spend some time there. Before we left I did take Ruud downtown for a little while which was just long enough to get photos developed and check our internet (my addiction) at the public library. That was enough of Winnipeg for Ruud.

Back in Toronto for the second time I was tempted to go back to the Canadiana Backpackers but I think by this time everyone I knew would have left as is often the case. Ruud and I stayed in an apartment way uptown on Yonge St. It was pretty expensive but it had luxuries like a kitchen (no use to me) and a bathroom. I couldn’t get myself used to this style of living though as it would not service me well for the rest of the trip if I set a new standard.

Whilst in TO this time around I did several things that I missed out on the first time and that Ruud enjoyed. We went up the CN tower, the tallest free standing structure in the world with a glass floor strong enough to support 13,000 tonnes. I still wasn’t keen on it but luckily we picked a perfect days and we had beautiful views of Lake Ontario etc. We then headed off to Air Canada Centre and took a tour through a mini hall of fame then through the tv studio for Hockey Night or something and finally we sat on the players bench by the rink. Most of the significance of this was lost on me but I tried to appreciate it to make my Canadian friends like Bruce proud. To further highlight my ignorance of north American sports we then went to the Hockey Hall of Fame where the only player I had heard of was Wayne Gretsky. I really did enjoy the World Press Photo exhibit at the arcade near the hall.

By far the greatest highlight was finally catching up with a friend I met years ago in Africa. Poor Ruud and Joe didn’t get a word in as Sheila and I chatted solidly for four hours. Not very long considering it had been many years since we last spoke and not enough emails in between. I was both sad and happy as I knew it would be perhaps many more years before we were able to catch up and yak again. But I was happy to catch up in any case.

… and those were my final thoughts as I left Canada on the train bound for New York. Ruud would fly out soon after I left and everything else I knew was back in Canada. New York would be completely new and effectively the last leg of my trip. I was very excited about it but also realising that I was almost on my way home.


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