Toilet Capers

>Well …

I wasn’t so sure what they were for … like I kind of knew but you don’t really want to suppose such a thing. So myself and the Melbourne girl I was sharing a room with desided that when we next had to go to the bathroom for “two’s” we would endeavour to clean our butts with the hose. It’s not a high pressure hose or anything, at least not hugely so. We had to give details to eachother of the consistency of the “Two” (because it made a difference to the cleanliness results), how long we used the hose for and after a bit of toilet paper, how good a job we thought it did.

I was first, after Mel was sure she would be first. The result, quite impressive. Perhaps better than throwing quantities of toilet paper in the loo. Just a few squirts here and there and you’re done. Mel tried as well and was equally impressed. We were both impressed with ourselves for even trying it after such a long time. Since this time I have continued using it (perhaps I will miss it when I return home, perhaps not). The french girl travelling with us tried it as well which I though was hugely impressive but her man didn’t.

We were a bit concerned though … maybe this isn’t what it was for at all and the hotel people are probably thinking to themselves what ghastly people westerners are … worse still, the little bins provided in the toilets we think is for used toilet paper rather than flushing it … but what if that’s not the case as well. What if the see these smeared remnants in the bins and again they think, just how horrible these people are.

I’m sure we did the right thing, but I will always live and learn.